Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you ship from?

Our products is stored and handled in Denmark & Poland, depending on your item, we will ship from either country. 

What about import fees / custom duties?

We do not cover import charges that might be applied to your order, if you find yourself ordering something outside EU you should look up the rules specifically for your country. HINT: Look at the bottom of our *Terms & Conditions* page, you will find a import fee calculator.

Quality control?

Every product is checked by hand, inhouse, before being shipped  to our customers.


Is it plated or solid precious metal?
We only work with solid metals, we do not plate our jewellery. Everything is eg. .925 sterling silver all the way through, if it’s displayed as a silver product. – Do not worry about allergies.
Is your jewellery made from scratch?

Our jewellery is indeed made from scratch. We start inhouse just like we do with our clothing. By drawing a piece of jewellery we have in our heart. Next step is to define everything in a technical pack, electronically everything is then forwarded to our factory which then makes everything from the starting mold till the polished finish.  


What materials do you use?

I was born and raised in a very organic household. Growing up learning to corporate with natures resources, made me into something that loves the organic texture in my final products. I strive to use 100% Organic materials and to some extend pair that with modern technology and synthetic garment making. To achieve the best possible outcome, we go through a lot of testing. I hope that is something you notice when you wear your garments.

How is the fitting?

Most pieces is “cut n sew” – don’t worry about measurements and numbers. Being able to create our own patters makes it possible for us to have a products that is equal to a standard european size chart, but with our own details and twists in it to achieve what we believe is the ultimate fitting style. – Most likely that will be something slightly oversized for maximum comfort. Though fitted garments is also in our reach.